Sequencing the Data People Driving Canada’s Bio-economy Labour Market Information Report 2013

An interesting report:



Labour Market Information Report 2013


Sequencing the Data People

 Driving Canada’s Bio-economy

 Labour Market Information Report 2013

 Diversity is the hallmark of Canada’s bio-economy. Companies vary greatly in many aspects including: region, subsectors, number of employees, and total gross revenue. Profiling the makeup of Canada’s bio-economy leads to a better understanding of how various human resources (HR) needs can be met in order to help create a more successful bio-economy.

In 2008, BioTalent Canada published a labour market information (LMI) report titled “Splicing the Data”. The 2008 report and resulting solutions provided industry specific assistance in human resources planning, skills development, and outlined skills requirements for commercial success. BioTalent Canada understands the importance of meeting the current and continually evolving needs of the industry. This new report, “Sequencing the Data” examines current trends in Canada’s bio-economy, along with how they impact companies from all subsectors, of all sizes, at all stages of growth, and from all regions across Canada. BioTalent Canada’s role in creating this report is to understand the challenges the industry is facing and outline the ways in which human resources (HR) play a key role in the overall success of the bio-economy.


full report in pdf:







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